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About Lettering Inc.

Lettering Inc. originally began in Chicago back in 1939 as a supplier of typography to the graphic arts community. For many years, hand-drawn lettering for advertising was the mainstay of Lettering Inc’s business. The staff of type designers at Lettering Inc. created hundreds of custom fonts, many of which are still in use today.

Over the years as the graphic arts marketplace changed, Lettering Inc. became more than just a source for ad typography. Lettering Inc. consistently responded to the needs of our customers by investing in new technology, equipment and training. We have evolved into the company we are today, allowing us to provide a diverse range of graphics, products and services.

Today Lettering Inc. bears no resemblance to the type supplier of its beginnings, but we are proud of its rich history. We will continue our commitment to outstanding quality in all of our products and services that we provide for you.

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